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Yamamoto 5" D Shad

Yamamoto 5" D Shad

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Meet the Gary Yamamoto D-Shad - A Modern Twist on the Classic Jerk Bait!

  • The Gary Yamamoto D-Shad offers a unique twist on the traditional soft-body jerk bait. It's heavier for aggressive action and effective fishing at various depths.
  • Perfect for fast retrieval when fish are on the move, the D-Shad mimics a Senko when paused, sinking gracefully.
  • Thanks to its heavier tail, this bait delivers an irresistible shimmy that entices and provokes fish.

Elevate your angling game with the Gary Yamamoto D-Shad. Order now to experience innovative fishing like never before. Catch more, catch bigger, and catch smarter with this modern classic. Don't miss out - get yours today!

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