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Molix - Muscle Ant 1/2oz Spinnerbait

Molix - Muscle Ant 1/2oz Spinnerbait

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Molix Muscle Ant: Compact Innovation for Ultimate Fishing Success

Unlock the potential of finesse spinner bait presentations with the Molix Muscle Ant. Designed for challenging fishing conditions, this compact spinner bait combines innovation with functionality. Crafted with a lead-free Zinc-Alloy head and flexible 17/7 stainless steel wire, it ensures optimal performance in the water. The precisely weighted blades prevent overloading, ensuring immediate action upon contact. Hand-assembled "fine cut" silicone skirt adds natural swimming motion. Endorsed by Mike Iaconelli, it comes in a range of tournament-tested colours for guaranteed success.

Designed for finesse spinner bait presentations in challenging conditions

  • Crafted with lead-free Zinc-Alloy head and flexible 17/7 stainless steel wire
  • Precisely weighted blades prevent overloading for immediate action
  • Hand-assembled "fine cut" silicone skirt ensures natural swimming motion
  • Endorsed by Mike Iaconelli, available in tournament-tested colours

Upgrade your fishing game with the Molix Muscle Ant, available in Mike's signature colour selection, exclusively at The S Craft Shop.

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