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Itty's Secret Baits Super Salty Maramba (Barbel)

Itty's Secret Baits Super Salty Maramba (Barbel)

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Dive into the World of Bass Fishing Excellence with Itty's Secrets Baits Maramba!

  • Meet Maramba, the ultimate catfish imitation bait crafted by Zimbabwe Legend Itty Nolli, designed for unparalleled effectiveness in bass fishing.
  • Infused with ADDED SALT for softness and reduced buoyancy, Itty Nolli's Special Soft Plastic ensures an irresistible "SOFT FEEL" that catfish can't resist.
  • Heavier, softer, and incredibly flexible, Maramba delivers optimal performance, making it a must-have in your bassfishing arsenal.

Enhance your bass fishing experience with Itty's Secrets Baits Maramba. Designed for bass enthusiasts, its lifelike feel and flexibility guarantee success. Order now and revolutionize your game today!


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