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Itty's Secrets Baits G30 SS+

Itty's Secrets Baits G30 SS+

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Discover the unparalleled effectiveness of Itty's G30 SS+ Grub Bait, crafted by Zimbabwe fishing legend Itty Nolli. Known for its unique design and superior performance, this bait is a must-have for every competitive bass angler. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned pro, the G30 SS+ will enhance your fishing game with its advanced features and versatile application.

  • Extra Salt Content (SS+): Enhanced with added salt for increased softness and reduced buoyancy.
  • Special Soft Plastic: Itty Nolli's proprietary soft plastic formula ensures a heavier, softer, and more flexible bait.
  • High Vibration Tail: Provides varied movement and high vibration for maximum attraction.
  • Versatile Bait: Ideal for drop shot or Texas rig styles, offering exceptional movement and action.
  • Proven Success: Endorsed by competitive anglers for its effectiveness in various fishing conditions.
  • 8 PKT

Featuring Itty Nolli's special soft plastic with added salt, the G30 SS+ is designed to give you the edge on the water. The extra salt content not only makes the bait softer and more flexible but also reduces its buoyancy, making it perfect for subtle and realistic presentations. Whether you're drop shotting for ultimate movement or swimming it for an action-packed experience, this bait is a winner.

Tip: Fish the G30 SS+ on a dropshot for ultimate movement or swim it for more action than you can handle. Experience the versatility and effectiveness of this legendary bait and elevate your fishing success.

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