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Itty's Secrets Bait Bream 80

Itty's Secrets Bait Bream 80

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Discover Ultimate Versatility with Itty's Secret Bream 80!

  • Introducing the Itty's Secret Bream 80, meticulously crafted with soft ribs for enhanced bulk and movement, creating an irresistible kurper profile bait.
  • Featuring a solid core for improved hook grip and enhanced durability, ensuring longevity in every cast and catch.
  • From design to production, we handle it all, guaranteeing superior quality and performance in every Secret Bream 80 bait.

Unleash your creativity on the water with Itty's Secret Bream 80. Perfect for Ned Rig, Carolina Rig, Heavy Texas Punching, or Weighted Springlock Hook Swimming. Your angling possibilities are limitless. Elevate your game - order now and redefine your fishing experience today!


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