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Itty's Secret Baits Super Salty 4" Fat Stix

Itty's Secret Baits Super Salty 4" Fat Stix

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Discover the Magic of Itty's Secret Fat Stix - Your Ultimate Weapon in Bass Fishing!

  • oft stick bait angling with our Super Salty 4 Inch Fat Stix, meticulously crafted with insights from Africa's leading anglers.
  • Manufactured in South Africa, it comes in vibrant colors mimicking African bait fish, ensuring it blends seamlessly with local forage.
  • Infused with a high salt content, this Senko-type bait delivers the perfect fall rate, grabbing the attention of Big Bass when fished weightless.
  • Versatile in rigging, go Texas, Whacky, Necko, or Carolina Style - the choice is yours. Add sinkers for punching through cover. With Fat Stix, there are no rules, only endless possibilities!

Elevate your bass fishing game with Itty's Secret Fat Stix. Unleash your creativity and catch more with its adaptable designs. Don't miss out - order now and redefine your angling experience today!

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