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Itty's Secret Baits Frog Jnr

Itty's Secret Baits Frog Jnr

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Discover the magic of bass angling with The S-Craft Shop's latest offering – Itty's Secret Baits Secret Frog JNR 3.5". Crafted by Zimbabwe Legend Itty Nolli, this signature Secret Frog Bait is your ticket to unparalleled fishing success.

  • High Vibration legs and varied movement for an irresistible lure
  • Versatile design, featuring a solid ribbed body and paddle legs
  • Itty Nolli's Special Soft Plastic for enhanced attraction
  • A favorite among competitive Bass Anglers, excelling as a weightless or Texas Style Bait
  • Pro tip: Optimal performance over grass and around structures

Join the league of victorious anglers who trust Itty's Secret Baits Secret Frog JNR 3.5" for exceptional results. This legendary bait, available "off the shelf" at The S-Craft Shop, boasts high vibration legs, a solid ribbed body, and versatile design. Elevate your bass angling game today and secure your catch with the mastery of Itty Nolli. Don't miss out – order now for an extraordinary fishing experience!

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