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IKOS Hammer 73 - 7'3" Heavy, Fast, Casting (ALX RODS)

IKOS Hammer 73 - 7'3" Heavy, Fast, Casting (ALX RODS)

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Unleash unstoppable power with the IKOS Hammer 73, a 7'3" heavy, fast action casting rod from ALX Rods, now available at The S Craft Shop. Designed for serious anglers and tournament fishing, the Hammer 73 is your go-to rod for securing those five big bites with brutal hooksets and unrivaled control. Whether you're up against big bass or other formidable game fish, the Hammer 73 delivers the performance and precision you need to dominate the water.

  • Maximum Hookset Power: The IKOS Hammer 73 excels in delivering powerful hooksets, making it ideal for heavy-duty fishing scenarios where strength and precision are critical.
  • Perfect for Tournament Fishing: This rod is designed for serious anglers targeting big fish on tournament days, providing the backbone and responsiveness needed to handle tough conditions.
  • Rod Specifications:
    • Line Weight: 12 - 25 lbs
    • Lure Weight: 1/2 - 1 1/2 oz
    • Length: 7'3"
    • Power: Heavy
    • Action: Fast
    • Average Rod Weight: 4.5 oz
    • Handle Length: 10.5 inches (measured from the end of the butt to the rear of the reel seat)
    • Number of Guides: 10
  • iKOS Series Excellence: Part of the iKOS Series, the Hammer 73 features a low resin, intermediate modulus carbon fibre construction, forming the OS Hydra rod blank platform for exceptional sensitivity and power.
  • Premium Components: Equipped with Z Series Kigan mid-micro guides, which are safe for braided lines and ensure smooth passage for leader knots. The split-grip handles are crafted from top-grade cork and aluminum trim for enhanced durability and comfort.
  • Precision Craftsmanship: Each rod is meticulously assembled and quality-checked at the ALX Rods factory in Aiken, South Carolina, ensuring the highest standards of performance and reliability.
  • Designed for Competitive Anglers: The iKOS Series rods, including the Hammer 73, are crafted with competitive fishing in mind, providing the power and precision needed to excel in tournaments and heavy-duty fishing scenarios.

Upgrade your fishing arsenal with the IKOS Hammer 73, a rod that combines unmatched power, precision, and performance. Available now at The S Craft Shop, this heavy, fast action rod is designed to handle the toughest fishing conditions with ease. Experience the superior quality and craftsmanship of ALX Rods and make the IKOS Hammer 73 an essential part of your fishing gear today. Shop now and secure your competitive edge on the water!

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