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Yamamoto Super GRUB SHAD JDM

Yamamoto Super GRUB SHAD JDM

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Introducing the Gary Yamamoto Super GRUB SHAD - Unleash the Angler in You!

  • Dive into the legacy of the iconic "Super Grab" with our Gary Yamamoto Super GRUB SHAD, a true angler's secret, now available in a 3-inch size and a pack of 8 pieces.
  • Crafted from high-density material and featuring a fat body, this bait guarantees impressive casting distance and minimal snagging, ensuring a smooth and efficient fishing experience.
  • Whether you prefer no-sinker, Texas rigged, or jig trailers, the Super GRUB SHAD maintains its character, offering compatibility with a variety of rigs. Its low-impact, vibrant tail action and body roll set it apart, providing a unique appeal to attract even the most cautious fish.
  • Equipped with hook slits for easy rigging, this bait is your go-to choice for versatile angling in various field conditions.

Elevate your fishing game with the Gary Yamamoto Super GRUB SHAD. Designed for distance, versatility, and unmatched action, this bait is your key to reeling in the big ones. Don't miss out - add it to your tackle box today and experience fishing like never before!

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