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Gamakatsu SuperLine EWG Hooks

Gamakatsu SuperLine EWG Hooks

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Unleash the power of the SuperLine EWG Hooks, the enhanced version of the classic EWG design. Designed for heavy cover and braided line fishing, this high carbon heavy wire hook takes your angling to the next level.

  • Heavy Duty: High carbon heavy wire construction for increased strength.
  • Braided Line Mastery: Specifically crafted for fishing with braided line in heavy cover.
  • Strike Precision: Boosts your strike to hook ratio, especially in challenging conditions.
  • Quick Descent: Achieve a faster descent rate without increasing bait size or adding weights.
  • Trick Stick Mastery: Ideal for maximizing the performance of your Trick Stick.

Experience fishing at its finest with the SuperLine EWG Hooks. Elevate your game, dominate heavy cover, and increase your chances of landing the big ones. Upgrade to the SuperLine for unparalleled performance!


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