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Railblaza G-Hold 50mm

Railblaza G-Hold 50mm

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Make way for the ultimate security assistant: the G-Hold 50! This flexible and versatile accessory can secure paddles, Boga grips, and other objects up to 2 inches around. With two securing points and easy installation into any StarPort or RAILBLAZA Base port – you'll never have to worry about your belongings slipping away again! 


- The G-Hold 50 is perfect for securing paddles, Boga grips and other objects of around 2 inches or less in diameter

- It features a flexible quick-release strap with two securing points, so you can be sure that whatever you put in those holders stays firmly in place!

- For added support when mounting them on vertical surfaces, opt for the longer arm at the bottom.

- They install easily into any StarPort kit or RAILBLAZA Base port – no fuss required!

Parts Included:

1 x G-Hold

1 x Retaining Strap


Material Composition
UV-Stabilized AES plastic with UV stabilised TPE Rubber overmold Strap UV-Stabilized eurethane rubber

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