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Berkley Squarebull 5.5

Berkley Squarebull 5.5

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Berkley Squarebill 5.5 Crankbait – Master Shallow Water Fishing

Designed in collaboration with BASS pro and legendary crankbait angler David Fritts, the Berkley Squarebill 5.5 Crankbait captures the essence of an artfully crafted wooden crankbait with the precision and durability of synthetic materials. Perfect for targeting shallow water bass, the Squarebill delivers maximum flash and a swaggering tail wag that dives into heavy cover to lure big bass.

Key Features:

- Expert Design: Created with input from BASS pro David Fritts, ensuring professional-grade performance.
- Maximum Flash: Provides a highly visible flash to attract bass in shallow waters.
- Swaggering Tail Wag: Features a unique tail action that mimics wounded prey, enticing strikes.
- Muscular Build: Sturdy construction ideal for diving into heavy cover without getting snagged.
- Erratic Hunting Action: Designed to move unpredictably, triggering reaction strikes from bass.
- Fusion19 Treble Hooks: Equipped with two razor-sharp Berkley Fusion19 treble hooks for fast-setting performance.
- Balanced Design: Tuned to run straight right out of the packaging, ensuring reliable performance.
- Deflective Properties: Durable square bill built for deflecting off timber and rock to provoke split-second reaction strikes.


- Length: 2-3/8"
- Weight: 3/8oz
- Depth: 3-6ft
- Class: Floating

Why Choose Berkley Squarebill 5.5 Crankbait?

Upgrade your fishing gear with the Berkley Squarebill 5.5 Crankbait, designed for maximum effectiveness in shallow water. Its professional-grade design, combined with top-quality materials, ensures long-lasting performance and enhanced catch rates. Experience the exceptional action and durability of the Berkley Squarebill 5.5 Crankbait, available now at The S Craft Shop!

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