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6.5" BOOSA SHAKEY WORM (6th Sense)

6.5" BOOSA SHAKEY WORM (6th Sense)

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The Boosa Series. Our 6th Sense Pro Team set out with the intention to design and develop a worm that has more action, the perfect shape and size, while being unique to the market. The Boosa 6.5 Shakey worm is 6.5 inches and designed with a deeper, alternating ribbing that flares out and then tapers down to a ridged tail. The Boosa style alternating ribbed body allows the worm to have a more flexible movement, while also holding scent that is placed on the bait longer than a smooth bait. The Boosa’s bulbous-like ridged tail gives it a secondary motion as the bait falls and during movement. At rest, the Boosa tail will continue to have a subtle movement, making it irresistible for any fish in the area. (10/pk)

The Boosa 6.5 Shakey Worm pairs with a 4/0 or 5/0 Shakey Head, Jugular, or Stout Hook.

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